Reading Challenges

Admission. I have a thing for reading challenges. There I said it and it wasn’t so bad. There are a few challenges I’ve posed for myself and this is where I’ll be keeping track of them.

2015 Reading Challenges:

Around the World Challenge: Keep track of where the characters in your books are in the world!

Banned Books Challenge: All about reading books that have been banned or challenged, I’m shooting for the Trouble-Maker level!

Perpetual Challenges:

1 Million Pages: Starting in 2015 I’m going to be tracking my page count to see how long it takes me to read 1 million pages.

1001 Books You Must Read Before You DieI first came across this list five or so years ago and ever since I’ve decided that I would like to read all of the books that have made the list. There are 1294 books from two versions of the list (if I’m not mistaken). I haven’t done the greatest job at this one, but I still manage to tick another one off the list every so often.

Arrowhead Library System: College Bound Reading List: This is a list I came across a long time ago and I was quite shocked to see how few of the books I had read which led to my determination to eventually read all of them.

Banned Books: Banned Books have always been a particular interest of mine. Why they’re banned and what they’re like once I do read them. I love it. I would like to read every book that has been challenged at least once if possible.

Pride and Prejudice – the Variations: Pride and Prejudice is absolutely one of my favorite books of all time. I’m sad every time the story ends and I wish there was more to it because it is an amazing story. Since there is no more P&P, I make do with reading the many variations and sequels that are written.


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