Bout of Books 14: Day 6!


Hello one and all! Bout of Books 14 is sadly winding down, but never fear, I’ve got another challenge to share!

Day 6 Challenge:

Today’s challenge is hosted by Stephanie over at Steph in Wonderland! This is the Book Road Trip Challenge! Basically we pick a road trip of places we would like to visit based on either where a book takes place or where the author lives. Without further adieu, here is my bookish road trip:


  1. Colorado: Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl is part of a trilogy that takes place in Colorado – it’s actually the second book, the first is lent out to my step-mom right now.
  2. Wyoming: Cowboy Trouble by Joanne Kennedy is another romance series that takes place in Wyoming. Yellowstone, Jackson Hole… whats not to want to see?
  3. Montana: Montana Sky by Nora Roberts, it’s obvious enough where it takes place and I bet you’re even starting to see the theme there…
  4. Illinois: Native Son by Richard Wright takes place in Chicago which is a city I desperately want to visit!
  5. Maine: The Stand by Stephen King, it’s pretty well know King lives in Maine which is a place I’ve never been despite living a only a few hours drive from there my whole life.
  6. Toronto, Ontario: Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam, Lam lives in Toronto which is a place I visited as a kid, but would love to revisit now as an adult.

So those are some of the places I would LOVE to visit! Tell me, what are your book road trip books!!

Reading Updates:

(insert Charlie Brown sounds here). Nothing to report. There’s still a few minutes left in the day which may be spent reading…. if I can deny the urge to waste time via youtube.


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