In the Library of Hannah: June 11th

Hi all! I’m back with another edition of In the Library of Hannah, a weekly event that I’m doing to talk about one of the many random books that I own that might not see a ton of love. It’s as simple as that, so lets get to it!

This weeks random pick is: Death at the Priory: Love, Sex, and Murder in Victorian England by James Ruddick

deathatpriorySynopsis: In 1875 the beautiful widow Florence Ricardo married the handsome and successful young attorney Charles Bravo, hoping to escape the scandals of her past. But Bravo proved to be a brutal and conniving man, and the marriage was far from happy. Then one night he suddenly collapsed, and three days later died an agonizing death. His doctors immediately determined that he had been poisoned. The graphic and sensational details of the case would capture the public imagination of Victorian England as the investigation dominated the press for weeks, and the list of suspects grew to include Florence, her secret lover the eminent doctor James Gully, her longtime companion the housekeeper Mrs. Cox, and the recently dismissed stableman George Griffiths. But ultimately no murderer could be determined, and despite the efforts of numerous historians, criminologists, and other writers since (including Agatha Christie), the case has never been definitively solved. Now James Ruddick retells this gripping story of love, greed, brutality, and betrayal among the elite — offering an intimate portrait of Victorian culture and of one woman’s struggle to live in this repressive society, while unmasking the true murderer for the first time. Simultaneously a murder mystery, colorful social history, and modern-day detective tale, Death at the Priory is a thrilling read and a window into a fascinating time.

Where I got it: I’m not 100% sure, but I’m guessing Barnes & Noble. I acquired this one long, long ago.

Why I got it:I love reading true crime books (fun fact: I actually majored in criminal justice and forensic psych) and this book was a 2003 nominee for the Edgar Award in Fact Crime which was how I found it. It seemed intriguing then as it does now.

What I thought of it: Well, I haven’t read it yet (something that you’ll be seeing A LOT in this series, lol) so I can’t really tell you. Someday I will though!

Please feel free to share any random books, thoughts, etc that you have and until next time, Happy Reading!


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