Bout of Books 12: Day 3 and 4 Stuffs!


Today is Day FOUR of Bout of Books. I can’t handle it. I’m always sad once we get past the first half, but I daresay life will go on even if it is a bit duller. I’m going to be doing a short and sweet update for today and yesterday here, so let’s get to it!

Day 3:

Day 3 was exciting because I managed to get out of work early and participate in the twitter chat – which was of course a blast. I met some amazing new people and it was hilarious and fun. It’s the only one I’ll be able to take part in this go around too, so I’m happy I made it. My reading consisted of getting some more of Onyx read. I’m not sure of the page count though – damn kindle books.

Day 4:



Before work today I finished Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout which was awesome. Only one more book to re-read and then I’ll be in new territory to finish the series!! I’m psyched! My current count as it stands:

Books finished: 3 (Alienated, Obsidian, and Onyx)
Books Started : 1 (Attachments)

Now I’m off to start Opal, the third Lux book (in between bouts of laundry, of course). How is your Bout of Books going? Please share and Happy Reading!


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