Bout of Books: Day 6!



Hey guys! I’m back with some updates and a challenge! Wahoo! It’s very sad that everything is starting to wind down, but all great things must come to an end, right?

I did miss my day 5 post, but that’s mostly because there was nothing to post. Honestly, I didn’t read a single page or do a challenge yesterday. I did however watch a whole lotta Netflix, lol. That being said, let’s return to day 6 programming.


Today’s challenge is the Spell It Out Challenge hosted by Kim at Kimberly Faye Reads. Much thanks to Kim for hosting today’s challenge!

For this challenge I decided to spell out my zodiac sign which is Virgo.

V – Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
I – Immortal Champion by Lisa Hendrix
R – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
G – Geektastic ed. by Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci
O – On Beauty by Zadie Smith


I haven’t read a ton today, but up to this point (10:30pm my time) I’ve read 71 pages of Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris. I’m not sure if I’ll get much more, if any, reading done for the rest of today because I’m straight exhausted. I spent the day with my baby brothers on about 3 hours of sleep so I’m kind of half asleep. It’s also the reason I’m being so brief with this post.

Day 6 total: 71 pages
Bout of Books so far: 891 pages

I’m hoping to get some more reading sone tomorrow since I’ve got no plans other than sitting around the house all day. We shall see. How’s your Bout of Books been? Please share and Happy Reading!


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