Book Review: Dream Huntress by Michelle Sharp

dreamhuntressSynopsis from Goodreads:

Detective Jordan Delany has a gift. Through her dreams, she connects with dead victims of violent crimes. Her isolated life as a drug cop is perfect for hiding the freakish visions, until her newest investigation has her posing as a cocktail waitress in a down-and-dirty strip club. When
she’s saved from a drunken customer by a handsome stranger, the heated chemistry is exactly why she intends to keep Mr. Arrogant at bay. But learning he’s the new bouncer for the corrupt club she intends to bust just might be the one reason why she can’t.
Tyler McGee suspects a drug ring operating out of the local club is flooding the streets of his hometown with heroin. Determined to get answers, he plays the part of a fallen cop and lands the job of head bouncer. What he discovers is that the club owner isn’t the only deadly obstacle he’s facing. His attraction to an intriguing cocktail waitress with a penchant for danger just might kill him first.

Note: I received a copy of Dream Huntress from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Once Dream Huntress was brought to my attention and I checked out the synopsis, I must say I was intrigued. Suspense and paranormal stuffs plus a romance? Please and thank you. This book was one hell of a ride, especially for a debut novel.

Characters… what’s not to love (or in some cases, hate)? Jordan, our leading lady, is pretty badass though not without her faults. There are a lot of things about her that bring out the ‘you go girrrl!’ mentality and yet I did pick up on the ‘DUH’ moments too. She was very relatable and real for a character that has this totally unrelatable thing going on in her life. Our other main character Tyler was quite the charmer if I may say so myself. He was an incredibly refreshing male character in that there was no fighting the relationship or feelings that came alive when he met Jordan. Once he realized he cared for her in more than a protector of the realm way he just went with it. From moment one I loved these two together.

In addition to writing two great main characters, Sharp also wrote her secondary characters in a way that invests you into their stories. You want justice for some, jail (and worse) for others, and in the case of Bahan – a book, I would so read his story. Just sayin’.

One of the biggest positives of Dream Huntress for me was that the story picks up right away. There’s no slow going or boring intro. When you start reading you know within a few pages what’s happening. Boom, here’s your story and it was brilliant. That said, I was sucked into the story so quickly because of how it was written. It was like getting enough information that the story could move from page one, but not enough that I knew what was coming next so I had no desire to put the book down. There was definitely that constant sense of, how exactly is this going to down…

Another thing I’ve got to mention is the way that this ability to connect to the dead manifested in the story. It was done very well. A lot of times when a paranormal ability like that gets brought in, there’s potential for it to be cheesy if it’s not done right. Not the case here. Jordan’s ability has had a huge effect on her life and we’re able to pick up on that. In addition, when she’s actually having these dreams, they’re written in a way that makes you feel what’s going on. I won’t lie, I nearly got chills reading the first nightmare Jordan had in the book. It was fantastic!

There’s only one thing that really bothered me in this book and that was the way that our main characters would fight at times, whether with each other or themselves. It added a bit of unnecessary drama in my eyes (mostly because communication could have prevented so much trouble), but I didn’t let it take away from my overall enjoyment of this book.

All in all, Dream Huntress is a fantastic debut novel. There’s a great story, it’s got great flow, and it’s just very well written. I’ll be looking for more from Michelle Sharp for sure. A solid 4/5 stars.


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