Thoughtful Thursday: Book Boyfriends and BFFs


Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme held by Pamela over at Reading is Fun Again. This weeks question is:

Do you have character crushes? Are there characters that you want to be your BFF?

So, it’s kind of a funny story. When it comes to the whole book boyfriend thing there are characters in books that I just kind of swoon over because of some random thing they did, but I would never actually want to be in a relationship with that particular character assuming they were real. Examples of this would be Daemon (Lux series) and Adrian and Dimitri from the Vampire Academy world.

Then, there are those few characters who, if they were real, I would be be first in line to claim them for myself because fangirl and early-teenage-years-like crushes. Examples… Mr. Darcy because he’s Mr. Darcy of course, Charles Beauregard (Anno Dracula), and Donovan (KGI series).

As far as characters from books who I’d like to be BFFs with… the list is probably endless. Hermione Granger and the Weasley twins, Rose Hathaway, Elizabeth Bennet, Silver and Susan (Silver series), Eric and Pam (Sookie Stackhouse), Keely, A.J. and the crew because I would love to spend a night out with them (Rough Riders series), Arya Stark, Lucy Pevensie, Eve Dallas cause she’s a BAMF, Nora Sutherlin (Original Sinners), Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane (Lady Julia series), Cat and Bones, Alexia Tarabotti (Parasol Protectorate), Ruth Ramsey (The Abstinence Teacher) and that’s a really long list…. wow.

Anywho, in short, yes I still crush on characters sometimes and I definitely have characters that I would love to get to know for a variety of different reasons. Do you have any characters you crush on or would love to be friends with? Please share!


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday: Book Boyfriends and BFFs

  1. Reviews from a Bookworm June 19, 2014 / 6:44 am

    Definitely agree about Daemon, certain things he did had me swooning but I would never want to be in a relationship with him! EVER!

    I also have an absolutely endless list of characters that I would want to be best friends with, most of them would probably be Harry Potter characters because… well, just because. A lot of them would also be characters I have crushes on as well, who wouldn’t want a bunch of attractive, nice guys as their best friends? 😉 Here’s my answer.

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