#RYBSAT Read-a-thon: What I’m Reading

This week 6/16-6/23 is the #RYBSAT Read-a-thon! It’s hosted by Miranda and co-hosted by Gary and Lainey over on the booktubes. Basically this RAT is all about reading the books you already own, so you just pick a spot on your bookshelf and read from there on.

It was a lot more difficult to settle on a spot to read from than I thought it would be, but I finally decided and here it is!


Here’s the order I’ll be reading in:

  • Rosemary & Rue (October Daye #1) by Seanan McGuire
  • Storm Born (Dark Swan #1) by Richelle Mead
  • Nosferatu the Vampire by Paul Monette
  • Equations of Life (Samuil Petrovitch #1) by Simon Morden
  • Blood Rights (House of Comarre #1) by Kristen Painter
  • Revelation Space (Revelation Space #1)by Alastair Reynolds

I don’t know if I’ll get to all of these, but it would be fantastic if I did! I will do updates on the twitters more likely than not and a midway post here on the blog.

If you’re partcipating in #RYBSAT let me know! Happy Reading!


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