Book Review: Reflected by Rhiannon Held

reflectedSynopsis from Goodreads:

Falling in love in a werewolf pack leads to some very bad choices in this new novel from the author of Silver.

Rhiannon Held continues the secret lives of the werewolf packs that live and hunt alongside human society in Reflected, the third book of the series that began with her debut novel, Silver. Silver and her mate Andrew Dare are pack leaders of the entire North American werewolf population, and that makes the more traditional packs in Europe very nervous indeed. It’s getting hard to hide from human surveillance.

Where to begin with Reflected… I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this book though it tends more towards the love side. I enjoyed a lot of this book though I have to admit I did miss Dare and John even though I understand why Held wrote the book the way she did.

Reflected is where Silver and Felicia shine, or in some cases flail (mostly Felicia), without Dare in the picture. It picks up about three years after Tarnished ends and I think that was a great decision on the part of Held. Silver is a character that I’ve come to know over the course of two previous books, so for me this book was more seeing her in action when she’s more vulnerable than she’s been since the attack on her old pack. Felicia on the other hand is reintroduced to us freshly into adulthood with a serious case of puppy love (pun intended) on the brain and a burning need to prove herself. I was really interested to see how Felicia would come into the picture in Reflected being an insider in the way of genetics and a super outsider having been raised in a European pack.  These things made for a mostly enjoyable read.

Here’s where I come out and say that I kind of hated Felicia during part of the story. To the point where I actually had to put the book down for a while because I thought she was being so stupid and headstrong. It was a struggle because I was actually quite invested into the story line, especially what Silver was having to deal with as alpha of the North American packs. However, once I got over it and finished the book, I can say that Felicia was punished and redeemed and I am okay with her now, mostly. Moving on.

Reflected had two story lines going on that ended up intertwining in some ways. I thought that it was very well done which is what I’ve come to expect from Rhiannon Held. She writes stories that leave you intrigued and begging for more and Reflected is no exception. This book is much more pack politics focused, but it was in no way lacking the little touches that make – and keep – this world alive for me. Prime example being Morsel the cat.

Overall, Reflected was another great installment in the Silver series and I’m eagerly awaiting news for another book. I definitely recommend these books, though I would suggest reading the series in order so you don’t miss anything. 4/5 stars.

The Silver series:

1. Silver
2. Tarnished
3. Reflected


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