Bout of Books 10: Wrap-up!


Bout of Books 10 ended last night and I must say I’m sad to see it go. Overall, I had a pretty successful week, though I would have liked to read more. Sometimes being an adult is annoying, lol. Here’s a breakdown of how I did this week.

Participation wise:

I definitely hit my goals here! Wahoo. I visited other participants almost daily except for the weekend when I was swamped. Also, I participated in my first twitter chat. It was crazy and hectic, but I had a blast. I look forward to more twitter chats! My last goal in the partcipation category was to participate in at least half of the challenges. Of the nine challenges hosted I participated in 6 of them. Awesome if I may say so myself. =]

Reading wise is where I struggled. I had a crazy week at work which means I spent a lot of my not working time sleeping and watching videos on youtube. I still did get some reading done which is always a success! Altogether I read…

– I finished the last 135 pages of Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs.
– I read seven chapters of Fixed by Laurelin Paige
– I started The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and got about 40 pages in.
– I read 172 pages of Reflected by Rhiannon Held to finish that book
– I started Numbers by Rachel Ward and got 60 pages in there
– Saturday and Sunday I decided to read Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter and read all but the last two chapters during official Bout of Books time.

A lot of my reading was ‘this-or-that’ reading because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to read, or in the case of The Way of Kings, it wasn’t the best read-a-thon material for me personally. Either way, I finished some good books and I can live with this.

In case you’re interested, I’ve got daily posts for Monday through Friday so here are links to those posts:

Day 1: Monday 5/12
Day 2: Tuesday 5/13
Day 3: Wednesday 5/14
Day 4: Thursday 5/15
Day 5: Friday 5/16

All in all, I had a blast with Bout of Books 10 and I can’t wait until the next Bout of Books in August (18-24). I might even take some of my vacation time around then. =] How did your Bout of Books go? Anything you liked or weren’t crazy about? Feel free to share!


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