Thoughtful Thursday: Where Do Your Read Books Go?


Thoughtful Thursday is a meme that I’ve seen around for a while and is hosted my Pamela at Reading is Fun Again. I keep catching these posts in my blog feed and thinking… these are really good topics. So, here I am with my very first Thoughtful Thursday post. This weeks question:

What do you do with the books that you have read? Do you keep them? Donate them? Gift them? Return them to the library? Throw them away? Make them into arts & crafts projects? Has this changed during the years? Have you noticed a change in your perspective regarding read books?

This is a much discussed topic for a lot of readers, but a good one nonetheless. Generally, my books go to one of a few places.

First, right back to my bookshelves. If I enjoyed a book I will keep it, at least for the time being. This is especially true for series. I don’t always re-read books, but on occasion I’ll have random scenes popping into my head and I have to find the book and re-read that part if I’m ever going to get it out of my brain. One of my quirks I suppose. The same thing happens with movies.

Second, to a friend. I have a couple of friends who are readers so if I read something that I think may interest them, I’ll give them dibs.

Third, to my favorite used bookstore. I love used books and used bookstores. When I have a book that I don’t want to read, that I read and liked but don’t necessarily feel the need to keep, or a book that I didn’t like that I want to let someone else who might like it get to it, it goes to Book Barn. It also doesn’t hurt that I get credit to put towards new books. 😛

Lastly, to the library. Twice a year my local library holds a book sale and people can donate books for them to sell. I’ll generally bring some books to the library to donate for those sales. Nothing like supporting the local library!

That’s pretty much where my books go after I’ve read them. I do keep A LOT of books, but when I can’t keep them all I do try to get them to a new home. What do you do with your read books? Feel free to share.


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