Book Review: Taking Shots by Toni Aleo

takingshotsEleanor Fisher has struggled with lots of things throughout her life, but there are a couple of things she knows for sure. She’s proud of her photography business and she loves her hometown hockey team, the Assassins. When she gets a chance to act as a photographer for the team, she grabs it with both hands, but she never expected that she’d be meeting her hockey player crush or that he would take notice of her. Shea Adler is ready for something more in his life and when he meets Elli Fisher, he knows he has found it. Only there’s a problem, Elli seems to be keeping a lot close to the chest and who knows how long they’ll survive that.

All in all, Taking Shots was a great read. Even though I’ve never read much sports romance, only three books that I can think of before this one, this book sucked me right into the series and I marathoned all four. So… what’s to love?

Hockey. Plain and simple, I love hockey. I grew up with season tickets to my local AHL team and I went to every home game I could. So a romance with hockey in it? Hells yeah! Beyond that, the characters really drove this story. The chemistry between Elli and Shea was so there! And even with the more secondary characters, they were so well done and realistic.

The romance. There’s no insta-love here. Elli and Shea had to work for it. They both had certain realizations to make, certain things to learn about themselves and each other before they got their happily ever after. The ups and downs make their story more realistic and relatable and the entire time it’s like you’re on the rollercoaster with them.

The not great. So, there’s only one thing that bothered me about this book. It didn’t necessarily take away from the story, but it was always on the back of my mind as I was reading. The author kind of painted the sport of hockey to be a bit more glamorous than it is – money wise I mean. I get why, I mean who wants to read about a professional athlete that isn’t signing multi-million dollar contracts? And there are a few of those in the real world. But still, this is a sport that tends to struggle financially and none of that was represented here. That may well be me over-analyzing this though.

Bottom line, Taking Shots was a good book. The characters drove the story for me to the point where I read all four books back-to-back. I loved how realistic the development of Elli and Shea’s relationship was. Definitely recommended for lovers of romance. 4/5 stars.

The Assassin’s Series:

1. Taking Shots
2. Trying to Score
3. Empty Net
4. Blue Lines
5. Breaking Away (To be released 6/10/2014)


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