Book Review: Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer


Kara MacAllister is a pre-school teacher from a small town and she’s pretty sure she isn’t all that remarkable, but after her house is stormed by one hell of a man one night, everything she has believed about herself and about life is about to change. Lyon has lived through a lot in his several centuries of life, but there’s nothing quite like the position he and his warriors are now facing. He finds the key to survival he is looking for in Kara MacAllister and now his biggest problem is going to be resisting her… or maybe giving in to her.

Desire Untamed was overall a pretty good read. It was fast paced without leaving me wondering what was going on. The characters all had their quirks, those things that make them relatable even though they’re shapeshifters. From start to finish the book kept me hooked and I give Pamela Palmer props for putting this together so well.

Characters. I kinda love stories where one party is sort of thrust into a whole new world, loosely speaking. How the characters adapt is what makes or breaks it for me. Kara, while certainly struggling and resisting the idea of what her life was going to become with the warriors, reached a point where she grew some pretty hefty balls and pushed forward to be and do the best she could for a people who were depending on her for their survival. Lyon wasn’t bad either. While certain things he did kind of irked me, he always did the best he could for his warriors. He’s a dedicated leader, but he also learned that there needs to be a balance.

Plot wise, there were a few different things happening throughout this book. There was the budding romance between Kara and Lyon, Kara’s learning curve, and the threat of the Mage’s, but Palmer managed to write all of this in a way where everything flows well but doesn’t overwhelm you. I read the majority of this book in one sitting because I just didn’t want to stop reading.

Bottom line, this was definitely worth the time and money. I was hooked from the get go and I honestly can’t wait to keep reading about the warriors. 4/5 stars.

Feral Warriors Series:

1. Desire Untamed
2. Obsession Untamed
3. Passion Untamed
4. Rapture Untamed
5. Hunger Untamed
6. Ecstasy Untamed
7. A Love Untamed
8. Wulfe Untamed


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