Book Review: Seducing Simon by Maya Banks


So firstly, before I say anything about the book itself, I must say that I am a Maya Banks fangirl. Anything she writes, I will read. So when she re-released Seducing Simon, I had to re-buy it to support her… ’cause I’m that kinda crazy. Moving on.

Toni is the definition of girl next door. She works hard, helps out her fireman brother and two best friends, and lives a good life. But there’s something she’s not telling anyone… she’s been in love with one of her best friends Simon for like, ever. Simon is a fireman who puts it all on the line for others. He’s got no clue how Toni feels. And he’s got no idea what happened the night he caught his girlfriend cheating when he was planning to propose either, but Toni does and she’s not sure how to deal with it.

So, I must admit I’ve read this book at least three or four times now and it never gets old. There are lots of things I love about it. Toni and Simon, while being the good guys, are just plain human. Much as they work hard and try to help others, they do things that aren’t so great. They have faults and make mistakes, and that keeps me interested in the story every time I pick it up.

While there are bits of this story that are predictable, Banks does throw a few challenges to the characters. They love, they get jealous, there are lies of omission, and they fight, but it’s always resolved. Every piece of this story plays an important part along the journey of this relationship that’s growing to a whole new level. The book just has this realistic feel to it and I find it to be a comfort.

All in all, if you like a good contemporary romance, or are just checking out the genre to see if you like it, this is a great starting place. 4/5 stars.


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