Book Review: Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson


Heather Pierce has dealt with a lot of crap from men in the past, so when she sees an opportunity where she can call the shots and things will happen on her terms she jumps at it, even if she’s not one hundred percent sure it’ll work. After all, she’s never really let herself have that take charge personality in any aspect of her life. Tony Carmine is the opposite. He’s a right hand man to one of the most powerful businessmen in the city. He’s well known, both in boardrooms and for being a bit of a playboy, so when Heather Pierce leaves him spinning he’s pretty sure there’s something between them to investigate. However, will she hate him once she really figures out who he is?

I picked this book up for two reasons, the title made me giggle and it was published by Entangled Publishing whose books I simply can’t get enough of.

I kind of loved this story, plain and simple. The characters had strengths and faults and both came into their own in some way or another during the book. So yes, while it is an erotic romance, it still had this awesome character development throughout. It’s also got one of my current favorite tropes which is the powerful businessman. That didn’t hurt one bit.

The story was in some ways kind of predictable which did take a little of the excitement from me, but nonetheless I still absolutely enjoyed immersing myself into the tale of Heather and Tony’s budding relationship. There were the ups and downs of course, and the work life drama that played into how both of them approached their out of office hours, but it was still awesome to see Heather start wielding this power and fighting for her independence so to speak in a largely stuffy corporate world, but more importantly in her personal life.

All in all, Vanilla on Top was a quick enjoyable read. Fun, a bit spicy, and a bit thrilling – I’d say give it a shot if erotic romance works for you. 4/5 stars.

Walk on the Wild Side Series:

1. Vanilla on Top
2. Avoiding Mr. Right
3. Vanilla Twist


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