Anticipated Reads: November 24th

Like any book lover, I’ve got a very long list of books that I’m waiting for. What better than to share some of those books with you all? So every other week, I’m going to do a post of books that I’m anxiously awaiting!


Oh, yeah! The eighth book in Maya Banks KGI series is almost here and I. cannot. wait!!!!! I’ve got this one pre-ordered on amazon and I anxiously await the package that will be at my house on release day. Donovan’s story. Get ready!
Release Date: 1/7/14


There are no words for this one. Ione has teased us readers for what feels like FOREVER with the goings on between Harvester and Reaver. To finally get some answers about them and their own happily ever after (I hope)… sign me up. This is another pre-order I’ve already done. So psyched!
Release Date: 12/17/13


I may not have read the second book in this series yet, but I’m still excited for the release of the conclusion of the Gabriel’s Inferno trilogy. The first book really got me, even if there were things that I wasn’t crazy about and it will be amazing to finish this series!
Release Date: 12/3/13


When I read the first Million Dollar Duet book I did not expect to get sucked in, but I did. And it is with that knowledge that I anticipate the send part of this story.
Release Date: 2/4/14

Are you looking forward to any of these books? Do you have any other books you’re looking forward to in the upcoming months? Feel free to share!


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